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My name is William “Bill” Martinez, a veteran hospice and military chaplain, in the San Diego area, who provides civil and religious wedding services as a wedding officiant celebrant in Southern California. Couples ask me to provide these services in many different venues such as beaches, parks, golf courses, private residences, downtown private executive clubs, cruise ships and casinos.

Bill Martinez - Military Chaplain

I began doing wedding ceremonies as a Pastor when in I was a military chaplain and recently began doing civil and religious wedding ceremonies throughout San Diego County. Over the course of 30 years, I have developed and attained a wealth of experience suited to any wedding ceremony need. I derive immense satisfaction in helping couples establish memorable wedding ceremony celebrations.

Part of my fundamental duties is to meet with engaged couples and establish their wedding ceremony needs. Some may want to meet and others indicate it is not necessary for them and that is okay. We can communicate through means of the phone, text, fax, e-mail, and webcam. I understand that everyone’s lives can get very busy, much less preparing for a wedding! I promise them that on the day of their wedding they will know that all is okay and in good hands.

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